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Scent Marketing

How do you keep your retail environment unique and engaging?

Scenting is a great form of marketing, as it is able to link the consumers memory with emotions. 15 seconds is all it takes for a customer to decide whether they are going to stay in your store, or not. Use scent to create an immediate impact and draw customers into the store through their sense of smell. We can help you build your scent marketing strategy and bring it to life.

As a retailer you want to:

  • Deliver a unique and memorable retail environment where customers feel comfortable to linger and browse
  • Create an entire brand experience, not just a shopping experience
  • Increase customer loyalty, repeat purchases and attract new customers
  • Differentiate yourselves from your competitors
  • Increase profits

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Scent Marketing can help you achieve those goals

Scent Marketing creates a unique sensory experience which enhances the impact of traditional visual merchandising. We work with leading retailers who are at the forefront of using scent marketing to target customers and create a brand experience.

  • Our expertise and technology can enhance your customers’ experience through scent marketing
  • We scent all types of commercial premises from a small boutique store to large department stores.
  • The technology we use means the fragrance stays in the air longer and has uniform coverage making it more cost effective than traditional air fresheners
  • The fragrances are delivered as micro-particles rather than air droplets making it a subtle and sophisticated aroma rather than an overpowering smell
  • We have a range of fragrances, from fresh and fruity to sleek and sophisticated, suitable for all types of retail environment
  • Alternatively we can develop a bespoke brand fragrance

Brand scenting

There’s no doubt scenting is changing the way that brands interact with their audience. Scent marketers, retailers, hotels and casinos are leading the way in which we as consumers, experience their brands.

There’s no gimmick involved, it’s simple; research shows that customers stay longer in pleasantly scented environments - and the longer people dwell in-store, the more likely they are to purchase.

In the hospitality sector, whether you’re a hotel or casino, the same rules apply, however it’s not just about dwell time but more about the guest experience. Of the 5 senses, smell is the most powerful trigger of an emotional response and if a hotel or casino can improve their guest experience through scent then it will create a positive and lasting impression, reinforcing the brand and strengthening customer loyalty.

More and more brands are now having unique scents created, from leading designer retail stores to hotels and car manufacturers.