Cleangreen Sanitiser Planter

Cleangreen Sanitiser Planter

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Cleangreen™ Sanitiser Planter

Our CleanGreen Hand Sanitiser Stand is an elegant hand sanitising station that not only protects people, but also incorporates the positive impact of plants that connect us to nature and gives us a greater sense of wellbeing. 

A stylish addition to any prime space, it blends biophilic design with superior hygiene protection to help stop the spread of germs and leave a favourable lasting impression on both employees and customers.

Our ergonomically designed stand, with its award-winning dispenser and catch-all drip tray, provides users with a no-mess, hygienically safe experience that enhances the positive impression of your brand.

Cleangreen Automatic Sanitiser Dispenser

The Automatic Cleangreen Sanitiser Planter provides a touch free experience to ensure that the user has the safest, most seamsless experience.

Cleangreen Manual Sanitiser Dispenser

The Manual Cleangreen Sanitiser Planter provides an easy-use sanitising experience experience.

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High-Quality Sanitiser

We provide high quality sanitising consumables that are kind and gentle to your hands and proven to protect the skin.

Selection of plants for biophilic impact

Choose from a range of carefully selected live plants or high-quality, low-maintenance plant replicas to take advantage of the biophilic benefits of nature.

Free-standing Mobile Unit

The free-standing design gives you the flexibility to provide hygienic safety in key locations across your business.

Fully Serviced

As the experts in enhanced interior landscapes and hygiene, we install and fully service the stand and optional consumables for reassurance, reliability and peace of mind.