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Hanging Baskets - Live and Artificial Flowers

We supply the best hanging baskets and wall baskets for pubs, restaurants, hotels, leisure and more. We use only the most vibrant, long-lasting plants and flowers in your baskets to enhance your outdoor space, patio area or garden, improve your street appeal, or create a workplace garden to complement your workplace culture. Choose from our extensive range of pre-planted, live baskets and artificial baskets for your garden.

Our hanging planters are self-watering, as we can set up our innovative automatic irrigation systems as part of your installation. We can also provide a plant maintenance service to keep your baskets tidy, healthy and thriving.

Enjoy a completely bespoke service; we’ll take care of the process for you from design to installation to maintenance, ensuring you enjoy the benefits of your hanging baskets throughout the year.


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What kinds of flowers do we use in our hanging baskets?

If you’re looking to source winter hanging baskets, your bespoke design may include flowers such as Hebe, Viola, Lobelia, Pansies, Cineraria and Hedera.

If you would like hanging baskets for summer, these would be likely to include flowers like Geraniums, Fuchsias, Nepeta, Bacopa, Begonias, Calibrachoa, Petunias and other trailing plants.

Live plants are not always the best option for you. If you decide to go for artificial hanging baskets, the flowers are less dependent on the season and you can enjoy a wider choice of plants, and of course they require less maintenance as they don't need watering. Our artificial flowers and plants are extremely realistic, you will find it difficult to tell that they are actually artificial!

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The Benefits of Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets are an excellent way of introducing colour to your establishment. Learn more about the advantages of hanging baskets.

  • Stand out from the competition with changing seasonal flowers

  • Increase footfall with vibrant, eye-catching floral displays

  • Improve customer perceptions and increase customer spend

  • Pre-grown for quick and easy installation at a time to suit you

  • Real plants add natural fragrance to your exteriors

  • Grown by expert horticulturists to promote vibrance and longevity

  • Discreet maintenance available to keep your hanging baskets looking fresh throughout the seasons

  • Wide range of plant species available to suit your environment

  • Our industry-leading artificial flowers look completely realistic and allow you a lot of flexibility in your design.

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Hanging Basket FAQs

Hanging baskets can add an authentic and personal touch to pubs, hotels, restaurants or leisure facilities. They can even make striking reception plants; have you ever considered hanging baskets for your entrances? Read on to learn more about the benefits of hanging baskets for your business.

  • What are hanging baskets?

    Hanging baskets are plants placed in a structure that is suspended from chains, ropes or other materials. They are primarily decorative plants around businesses and other structures. They allow exteriors with limited outside space to still have fresh-grown living plants and flowers.

    The baskets themselves are usually made of wire and filled with a substance like burlap or some other growing medium.  Hanging baskets are a classic feature for British restaurants, hotels, pubs and high street shops.

  • Why have hanging baskets?

    Hanging baskets are a great way of creating a tidy, clean and professional looking outdoor area. There are lots of options to help you decorate it exactly how you want in relation to your exterior spaces.


  • Why choose serviced hanging baskets?

    With Ambius plant installation you don’t have to worry about seasonal changes or when to plant hanging baskets; our flowers are grown in greenhouses throughout the year to ensure a thriving bouquet is flourishing exactly when you need it and will dazzle visitors from day one of installation.

    Take the pain out of aftercare and maintenance - we can set up our innovative automatic irrigation systems as part of your installation, and we can also provide a plant maintenance service to keep your hanging baskets tidy, healthy and thriving. 

    Your time is valuable to your business - so if you want beautiful, fresh flowers year-round without having to sacrifice the time to maintain them, simply get in touch and let us help. 

  • Why are my hanging baskets turning yellow?

    Usually there are a number of reasons plants and flowers wilt or turn yellow. The two most common reason is they are either not getting enough water or they are overwatered. Adjusting the amount of water needed can help. Sometimes the flower may be in the wrong type of sunlight, either too much or too little. Also, flowers do have a life cycle and may just turn yellow and die off when that life cycle is at an end.

    If you’re trying to maintain plants for your business or place of work you may not have the time to try and diagnose and treat issues - consider a plant maintenance plan with Ambius for discreet and convenient plant care.