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Premium Scenting

In a competitive environment, where customers are increasingly discerning, premium scenting can enhance your brand and provide a more powerful customer experience by stimulating their senses.

We are the leading experts in developing signature scents, and do so for some of the world's most recognisable brands. Based on a deeper understanding of your customers and your brand strategy, together with our market leading expertise in developing fine fragrances for spaces, our leading perfumers can create a sensory experience your customers will associate with your brand.

Unlike most commercial air fresheners, premium scenting behaves like a vapour and doesn't fall to the floor after emission, remaining in the air for up to four hours. The diffusion of the scenting particles is controlled, meaning the scenting of the space is 100% uniform and does not leave wet deposits on any surfaces.

How does it work?

Scenting is flexible and can be used to scent spaces of any size, from a small room to a whole building. Our fully managed service means you don't have to worry about maintenance, you can just reap the benefits of having premium scenting your space. As part of your consultation, we will complete a site survey and recommend the right solution for you.

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Benefits of Scenting

  • Pleasant fragrance as well as odour remediation thanks to our patented technology
  • Consistent and controlled coverage throughout the entire space
  • Maintenance free for you: our units are serviced by trained Ambius service technicians
  • Maximum fragrance effectiveness at minimal costs due to a fully programmable dispensing system
  • Works well in both small and larger areas (HVAC compatible)
  • No up-front purchase of equipment required
  • Cleaner diffusion system that requires no clean-up and leaves no messy oil in your HVAC system
  • Customised signature fragrances available (contact us for details)