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Office Plants

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Office Plants

Office Plants are a perfect feature for any workplace. From large corporate buildings with open plan areas, to smaller offices there is always space to incorporate plants and pots to enhance the workspace. Planting can improve your brand image and create a space that encourages productivity and creativeness with your colleagues.

Greenery can help to reduce stress, influence office humidity, help to promote productivity and good health and wellbeing. All this while also looking beautiful!

You can either purchase or hire plants directly from us, choosing from a variety of plants  and creative designs that will compliment your office space.. Whether it’s small desktop displays or large Green Walls, our Ambius design experts can help you create your ideal workspace and allow your colleagues to connect with nature.

How do office plants benefit my workspace?

Office plants can play a huge role in the green identity of your work environment. The term Biophilia, means to ‘connect with nature’ and by introducing biophilic design you can increase the quality of your office space by utilising office plants.

  • Reduce stress amongst employees

Indoor plants are capable of reducing stress in your work environment. They are an effective solution  to make your employees feel more relaxed whilst working.

  • Increase productivity in your office

Your employees can have higher levels of focus and concentration when nature is present around them. It can support  them in being more productive whilst working and communicating with others in the space around them.

  • Improve your office design

Hire indoor plants to improve design within your workspace. Healthy flowers and foliage add beauty to your space, making it more inviting for your employees and visitors. They can also be used effectively to create private areas for meetings, calls or independent work. 

For more information why not view our Biophilia page

Look at the Best Office Plants for your workspace:

Sansevieria Laurentii

Sansevieria is a genus of plants from Southern Africa that is related to Dracaena and the lily family. Their main feature is the thick, almost succulent, leaves that are often long and strappy


Dracaena is a genus of forty species of subtropical, evergreen, woody plants grown for their statuesque form and ornamental foliage.


The orchid family is the largest, most diverse group of plants in the world. They range in habitat from fields to tree-tops, from the temperate climes of Northern Europe to the tropical heat of the Malaysian rainforests.

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Office Plant Service Options

From live office plants hire, rental and maintenance to outright purchase only options, we offer a variety of plans to suit your requirements and budget. Our friendly plant experts work with you to create your office plant displays, tailored to your requirements and environment. We offer the following options:

Rental and Maintenance:

You hire plants and containers from us. Then our highly trained technicians visit your premises to service your plant displays regularly for you, caring for them and ensuring they remain in good health. 

Purchase and Maintenance Only:

You buy the plants and containers outright, then agree a maintenance only contract. Again we would visit to maintain your plant displays regularly to ensure they are healthy. 

Purchase Only:

You buy our office plants up front with no maintenance program. We will of course still advise you on which plants are suitable for your office so you get the most out of your displays.