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How do we do it?

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How do we do it?

Service Options

At Ambius we understand that each customer has different service needs. In order to make things as simple as possible, we offer the following five service options.

Rental & Maintenance

Rental & Maintenance

Our rental service option allows you to enrich your workspace with beautiful live plants for an affordable quarterly or monthly fee. We design, install and provide an on-going service making sure all your displays are in good condition.

Rental & maintenance doesn't just apply to our office plant service, Many of our other products/services can also be included allowing you to spread the cost of hiring over your agreement period.

Purchase only

Purchase Only

Our purchase only service option is as simple as it sounds. It cuts all maintenance services and rental costs leaving you with a one-off payment. After choosing the displays you desire your one-off payment means you will own them outright. This leaves you to maintain the displays yourself making it ideal for small or one off purchases.

All of our plants and containers and many of our other products are available on a purchase only option.

maintenance only

Maintenance Only

If you choose to purchase your plants and containers outright or maybe you already have your own displays in place already, we can offer a maintenance only plan. We will make sure that your plants are watered, cleaned, pruned and kept in great condition.

short term hire

Short Term Hire

If you require displays for an event or exhibition, we offer a selection of products based on a short term hire agreement.

Ambius’ Christmas trees and decorations are supplied on a short term hire plan and not on a purchase option. This gives you flexibility to change the colour and style of your decorations giving you a fresh look each year. There is no need to worry about storing the displays as we will keep them all year round, saving you the trouble of finding storage space.



One-off projects consist of hours spent on site as opposed to purchasing or renting services. These would include certain exterior grounds maintenance jobs such as large landscaping projects.

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