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How to avoid a ‘gnat’ swarm

Sciarid flies, also known as the fungus gnat, are most active in the months of September, October and March

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#OfficeEnvy affects more than half of Brits as workplaces fail to inspire

Research from Ambius shows UK office workers are more discerning about their physical workplace

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Making First Impressions Count

Expert in workplace design Prettpal Somel discusses the importance of creating an engaging and welcoming office reception area, to leave a positive first impression for employees and guests.

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Breathing New Life Into Your Office

Plants are an aesthetically-pleasing, easy-to-maintain addition to any workplace - but the benefits don’t end there.

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Five plants for a healthier and more productive office

Learn more about office and desk plants that can help boost your office culture.

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Channeling the smell of success in the workplace

Scent marketing is often overlooked by brands and businesses, yet the right smell can generate good impressions with customers, clients, prospects and, perhaps more importantly, help make staff happier, more alert and more productive.

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