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Exterior Landscaping

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Exterior Landscaping

Keeping the exterior of your business and garden looking attractive is important for making the right first impression. Well designed and maintained exterior landscaping and gardens helps to complement the design of your interior and attract new customers, as well as convey a positive image to existing clients and staff. Enhancing the look of your buildings exterior with commercial landscaping from Ambius means you receive a professional service from our trained horticulturists who can provide amazing landscaping ideas for your outdoor space.

We can tackle any kind of exterior landscape, from grassed lawn and seating areas and car parks to shrub borders, water features and flower beds. We also specialise in plants, planters, window boxes and hanging baskets to improve how your landscape looks and improve your curb appeal.

Your contract will be made bespoke to you, your space and your project. This enables us to give you exactly the service you need, whether it be designing and supplying new exterior landscaping projects or simply maintaining your existing outdoor space.

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Our exterior services provide:

✔ A wide range of planting options, including hanging baskets, and grounds maintenance services to enhance the look of your building; to welcome your visitors and promote your image.

✔ Extensive experience in exterior and garden design and maintenance of plant displays around a wide range of buildings; from bay trees outside the front of a hotel or office to major building exterior design projects and landscaping where the space is limited. Or even where a subtle indicator of entrance is required. Our exterior greenery displays can be made to complement any architectural style.

Whether it’s a small garden area at your front entrance or a large open space, we can help you to welcome and entice potential customers or employees inside.

We have a variety of contract options for exterior landscaping services; call us now on 0800 085 8744 or contact us using the form on the right and we will arrange for one of our expert landscaping consultants to meet you to discuss your exterior requirements.

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