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Instant Hedges With Green Screens

Screen areas instantly with pre-grown hedging for your business

Create a sense of privacy without the floorspace requirements of traditional hedging with these instant hedges. The hedge laying experts at Ambius will provide quick and easy installation and offer discreet maintenance options. Individual screens are completely covered with climbing or hedging plants - creating a dense, fully covered living plant Green Screen.

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Ready Grown Hedges - Instant Effect

The plants are supported by a strong metal frame and grown in a biodegradable coconut planter. The planter will eventually degrade completely and the plants will root in the surrounding soil. Alternatively, the Green Screen can be installed in an above-ground planter; perfect for stone or concrete spaces. Choosing an above-ground planter also means your Green Screen hedges can be moved as needed, as these planters can be completely mobile.

The Benefits of Green Screen Instant Hedges

Instant hedge Green Screens could greatly benefit your business exteriors - learn more about the benefits of our pre grown Green Screens.

  • Instant hedges create an instant sense of privacy

  • Durable and attractive way of dividing and screening space

  • Hedging plants improve acoustics

  • Maximum green impact using miniumum space

  • Hedges can be installed during any season

  • Live plants can significantly reduce pollution

  • Hedging plants have positive impact on biodiversity

  • Wide range of plant species available to suit your needs

  • Extendable in length and height for a custom hedge size

  • Minimal maintenance requirements

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Instant Hedge Green Screen FAQs

  • What are Green Screen hedges used for?

    There are many ways in which our instant hedges can be utilized. They can be planted in the ground to take root, or they can be installed in containers for use on floor surfaces like concrete or tiling.

    Green Screens can be used in place of fencing or traditional hedges as screens or dividers, and they can also be installed against the sides of buildings or fences.

    Popular uses include screen primary school playgrounds, protecting the sides of apartments from weather damage, and screening private areas like spas and swimming pools. These compact, instant hedges are also ideal for dividing outdoor areas of restaurants, bars, gardens and parks. The only limit is your imagination - get in touch today to discuss ideas with one of our hedge laying experts.

  • How can Green Screen hedges reduce pollution?

    With major cities across the UK recording dangerous levels of pollution and poor air quality, it’s vital to tackle pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide and small particles. Small particles and nitrogen dioxide are breathed in and can lead to serious health problems. 

    All plants, including hedging plants, can greatly improve the quality of the air and help protect the health of any visitors to your site. Immediately safeguard the health of your employees, guests, residents or students with ready grown hedges conveniently installed by our hedge laying team.

    The most effective way of harnessing plants to fight pollution is to have a high volume of air cleaning plants. Not every business has spare external floor space, so Green Screen instant hedges are an excellent way to achieve maximum plant life for minimal space. Instant hedges are slimmer and more compact than traditional hedging. They can be used as divider screens or can even be installed against walls for maximum floor space.

    If you're looking to acheive a similar effect in an interior space, or are simply looking for something a little different for your exterior, our Living Walls are another option for providing maximum plant life in minimal space.

  • How fast will my Green Screen instant hedges grow?

    Fast growing hedges can be difficult to maintain, but using our Green Screen system you can enjoy full-looking yet low-maintenance hedges. Within a few months your instant hedges will become increasingly thick, while easily maintaining your desired width and height.

  • How long do Green Screen pre grown hedges last?

    We use live climbing and hedging plants with our Green Screens, and the plants can live for many years if cared for properly. We'd highly reccomend an Ambius maintenance plan; our expert technicians will help you protect your instant hedge investment and ensure you get the best value and longevity from your Green Screen.

  • What plants are available with Green Screen hedges?

    There are many species of climbing and hedging plants available for use with our Green Screen instant hedges. Our expert technicians can help advise you on the best plants for your environment and desired effect.

    Plants available include;

    Carpinus Betulus (Hornbeam)

    Dark green foliage in summer, earthy brown foliage in winter.

    Euonymus Dart’s Blanket

    Hardy plant that is green in summer and bronze in winter. 

    Hedera Helix Glacier

    An ivy with grey-green foliage and white/silver accents. Evergreen leaves.

    Hedera Helix Goldchild

    This ivy grows slowly, making it easy to maintain. Grey-green leaves are outlined in gold. Evergreen leaves.

    Hedera Helix Green Ripple

    Dark green ivy with evergreen leaves.

    Hedera Helix White Ripple

    Evergreen ivy with grey-green leaves and silver-white outline.

    Herea Helix Woerner

    Dark green evergreen ivy. Hardy hedging plants with variety of leaf shapes.

    Hedera Hibernica

    Hardy plant with glossy large leaves.

    Pyracantha Dart’s Red

    This hardy plant produces flowers in spring as well as non-toxic red berries.

  • What size are Green Screen hedges available in?

    Green Screen pre grown hedges are provided in the following standard sizes:

    120(w) x 100(h) cm

    120(w) x 155(h) cm

    120(w) x 180(h) cm

    These pre grown hedges are extendable in both height and width, so our hedge laying experts will be able to adjust the Green Screens to the perfect size for your space. 

    Green screen instant hedges have less depth than traditional hedging, so you can achieve the height and width you desire without sacrificing floorspace.