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Green Walls

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Green Walls

Green walls, also known as living walls, vertical gardens or in some cases, green facades, are well designed collections of plants that have been intricately planned and arranged to create organic pieces of art. These beautiful features are able to thrive in both indoor and outdoor conditions and can serve a variety of spaces, big or small. Not only do these features visually enhance a space, they also bring many benefits for building occupants and visitors. The ideal environments for a green wall display are any meeting rooms, hallways, reception or breakout areas lacking in colour and texture.

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Benefits of Green Walls

Improved air quality

Countless toxins are leeching from our indoor environment, such as formaldehyde, VOCs, trichloroethylene, carbon monoxide and benzene to name just a few. It’s long been known that adding office plants can improve the indoor air quality and interior green walls do just that, but on a much bigger scale that can benefit building inhabitants.

Noise level reduction

Living green wall structures can actually reduce the noise levels in buildings. Plants have been used, throughout the world, to reduce noise along roads and motorways. Green walls expand on this concept as the floiage naturally blocks high frequency sounds while the supporting structure can help to diminish low frequency sounds.

Energy cost reduction

Research has found that urban areas are considerably warmer than rural areas, especially during the summer months. The negative impact of this is the increase in energy demans leading to air pollutions and emissions. Living green walls help reverse this problem by providing shade from the effects of direct sunlight. Also, unlike brick or concrete, plant surfaces don’t store up solar energy, but reflect it. Both interior and exterior walls help to actively cool the air in summer by a process called evapotranspiration, reducing the need to cool the building.

WELL building credits/ certification

WELL is a building performance rating and certification system, with a focus on human well-being and employee productivity. This performance-based system was constructed around seven core concepts to measure, certify, and monitor our working environments. These seven concepts lay the foundation for maximizing human health and wellness within the built environment.

The WELL Building Standard’s core concepts include: Air, Water, Nourishment, Light, Fitness, Comfort, Mind

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Artificial Living Walls

There are some cases where living plants may not be a suitable option for your particular display. This can be due to anything from your maintenance budget, poor lighting or simply the temperature conditions may restrict the plants from thriving. This is where artificial plants come in; we can use life like replica plants to create incredibly realistic and visually stunning green walls. Only upon closer inspection would you be able to tell that the plants were fake. Only upon closer inspection you might be able to tell that the plants were artificial. Continuous watering, trimming and other general maintenance is not required, making these great investments for any business looking to enhance their space and image.

Exterior Living Walls

Our exterior living wall system easily transforms cold walls into a warm, living surface. Using various (and suitable) planting options we can create a live exterior wall that suits not only your building but your business too. Let your creativity shine with a beautifully designed exterior living wall by Ambius

Exterior living walls can give buildings natural protection, such as; from temperature fluctuations, UV-rays and they can also divert water away from the walls of your building during any heavy rain-fall.

Design Process


The first and most important step towards getting your businesses dash of "eco-luxury" is the consultation. Talk to us. What are you trying to achieve? Then we can decide on a creative solution. Now just contact us.

Design & Planning

Let's get creative. We can begin to strategically plan and design a stunning green wall for your business, customers and colleagues. We will of course consider size, location, light levels, types of plants and irrigation.


This is where the magic happens. Using the agreed design and your brief we can now start to install the living wall. The duration of the installation will depend on a number of factors such as the size & placement. It's not just about the size.


So the wall has been installed and looks incredible...what now? Ambius' service team can provide ongoing maintenance for your green wall, to keep the plants thriving and looking good as new.

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