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Odour Control & Air Freshener

What happens when your business is affected by bad odours and everyday air fresheners are just not viable? Fewer customers, who spend less time in your space and therefore generate less revenue, Ambius commercial air fresheners give you the opportunity to make the perfect impression with our wide range of scents.

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Odour Elimination For Businesses

Whether your a office that is looking to provide a better environment for its workforce, a hotel or casino with high usage toilet facilities close to public areas, or a gym or health club with an odour issue in the changing rooms, Premium Scenting can solve problem odours.

How Is Our System Different?

Conventional aerosol air fresheners use heavy droplets that on average cover a ten foot square area for up to ten minutes. Premium Scenting by Ambius uses micron-sized particles that are so light, they float and uniformly spread throughout the space.

Other benefits include:

  • No added solvents
  • Economical as they require less liquid
  • Can remain in the air for up to four hours
  • Uniform dispersal which fills the room evenly

Are You Interested In Premium Scenting?

To find out more about how premium scenting works or how we can help mask odours in your workplace, please give us a call on 0800 085 8744 or contact us online.

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