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Use Varied Plants

Create the feel of nature indoors

Nature is random. If you look at a natural environment, you will see vegetation at all stages of growth, from saplings to tall trees. Meadow flowers share spaces with bushes and shrubs, and the occasional tree. Trees and bushes often grow in scattered clusters and there is a mix of species.

  • Scatter and cluster - Instead of laying out plants in a regular, even fashion, try grouping plants together in small clusters and placing them at irregular intervals. Make use of the floor as well as other surfaces where possible and ensure that everyone has a view of some foliage even if they don't have plants right next to their desk.

  • Mix it up! - Whilst it might be thought of as stylish to have matched plants and pots regularly spaced around an office, this is as natural as a conifer plantation and the plants become little more respected than the furniture. Instead, use a mixture of plant species and varieties. Combine trees or large bushy plants and smaller herbaceous types. Mix bold foliage with more delicate, feathery styles. Think about the variety of shades of green (let alone variegation) available.

  • Be random! - Ambius led research has shown that giving office workers some say in the design of their work space gives tremendous benefits in terms of physical and psychological well-being leading to improved productivity. Organisations can benefit from this by including colleagues in the choice of plants.

Productivity up by over 15% Absenteeism drops, job satisfaction up by up to 9% Wellbeing increases by 40%.

Building Syndrome symptoms reduced by up to 25% Stress and Blood pressure reduced.

Negative moods reduced by up to 50% Specifically.

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