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Use Natural & Local Materials

Replicating Nature

If you look around a typical modern office, you would be hard pressed to find much in the way of natural materials. Grey laminated desks, metal and plastic chairs and synthetic carpets are as far removed from nature as it is possible to get. Whilst we cannot dispute the utility and efficiency of such materials, our instincts are to surround ourselves with more natural products.

Your interior landscape doesn't have to look twee or old-fashioned when using natural products: you can easily create cutting edge designs.

  • Plant containers - There are many plant containers made from natural materials. Wood, woven banana leaves and palm fronds, bamboo, cork, sea-shells and mother-of-pearl are all used and come in every shape and size imaginable. You can also replicate the appearance of natural materials even when using artificial products.

  • Accessorize - You can make use of decorative top dressings and other finishing touches to complete your displays. You could even use locally-sourced materials such as gravel, shingle or slate to add a truly local feel. Why not add ornamental driftwood, sea-shells or large rocks to the display.

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