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Hanging Baskets

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Hanging Baskets

First impressions are everything for a business!

We offer an extensive range of both live and artificial flowers with a dazzling selection of designs and vibrant colours to help you attract more visitors! All our commercial hanging baskets come pre-planted and act as the perfect exterior addition for your business.

Whether you own a pub, hotel or a restaurant, your visitors will get a warm welcome as soon as they walk through the door! So don’t hang around, why not explore the options?

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What Plants Are Used in Hanging Baskets?


  • Hebe
  • Viola
  • Pansy
  • Cineraria
  • Hedera


  • Geraniums
  • Fuchsias
  • Nepeta
  • Begonias
  • Petunia

Seasonal Changes - When to Plant Them?


Whether you own a busy public house in the city, or a more relaxed countryside bar and restaurant, Summertime is an amazing time of year for your business! In preparation for the hot weather, our Summer baskets are grown from seed around the start of every year. This is because large greenhouses provide the necessary protection from frost damage, meaning our baskets reach full flowering size early in the season. The actual installation of our Summer baskets commences during May when they are thriving and ready to catch the eye of your potential customers.


Just because the Winter months are dull and grey, it doesn't mean your business needs to be. We can help add that extra splash of colour to your exterior gardens and outdoor areas during the colder months. Depending on how the season has gone, we tend to plant our Winter hanging baskets from September/ October time. We use completely fresh compost with water saving properties and feed already mixed in, meaning your hanging baskets will look warm and inviting throughout the entire winter - alternatively, we do provide high quality artificial hanging basket displays for those of you without a sufficient water supply.

Aftercare/ Maintenance - How Often to Water?

With the help of our automatic water systems, you don't have to worry about tending to your hanging basket displays. The automatic Irrigation systems are set up to water the plants for you. The frequency of watering depends on the needs of the plants onsite. Feed is also put into the fresh low peat compost (better for the environment) when planted and during the growing season, liquid feed, biological fungicide and water saving crystals are introduced to encourage and maintain healthy growth and flower production. In addition to this, we provide the baskets with regular service, removing dead flowers (encouraging new ones) and removing old foliage.

Planters and Troughs

Our troughs have all the same wonderful benefits as our hanging baskets - they are versatile so they can be wall mounted, placed directly on the floor or used as window boxes to make dull spaces look more live.