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Office Plants in London

Our London team have over 30 years of office plants servicing experience and are passionate about changing the perceptions of working environments.

With little natural light in offices it can be hard for to find the right office plants in London. Whether you are a large corporate organisation or a small company, we offer a variety of artificial and live plants that will look beautiful and stay alive in any environment.

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Our London Branch Design Consultants

Having built up a wealth of local knowledge, our London based design consultants and plant technicians understand exactly what designs are best suited to your specific needs.

We really are the experts in all things green, Christmas and scenting. Let our passion for creating better working environments transform your office, shopping mall, hotel, showroom or restaurant into an environment that both your employees and customers can enjoy.

Reviews From London Clients

FAQ's From London Based Clients

  • How do we choose our clients plants?

    In order to provide our clients with the best possible plant display, everything from the surrounding colours, light and temperature are all taken into account. The plants must thrive in their environment, while also looking beautiful. Our designers also work very closely with every client in order to empower everyone in the decision making process.

  • How do we keep the plants alive?

    Here at Ambius we completely understand how busy work can get and trying to juggle things like looking after plants might not be at the top of your agenda. This is why we can offer a maintenance program with the majority of our services. By signing a service agreement we will ensure your displays are maintained, pruned, watered and cleaned regularly.

  • How much do your services cost?

    Prices can start from as little as £2 per week for a small display but it really depends on how big you want to go. Due to the fact every job we do for our customers is different from the last, it's very difficult for us to give a simple price list. We have to take into account; plant species, number of plants, container size, quantity, location, installation time and access etc. However by contacting us, one of our consultants can work with you and start planning and designing the perfect displays for your business, free of charge and with no obligation.

  • Do you do packages?

    Although we don't offer set packages as every site and customers' needs are different, we do believe our services compliment each other. For instance if you were looking to completely revamp the design and atmosphere of your interior space, we could offer plant displays, brand scenting and even vertical living walls. No matter how big or small your project we're sure we can design a unique package for your business.

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