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Stand Up And Salute The Art of Gardens!

It’s time to salute your portrait of Winston Churchill, stroke your pet bulldog and pull your Union Jack t-shirt from the wardrobe – two British mainstays, gardens and galleries, have joined forces at Buckingham Palace to fill your summer with patriotic pride.

Drawn entirely from the Royal Collection, this vast exhibition examines the British obsession with the great outdoors. It even attempts to explain its evolution from the Biblical Garden of Eden to the modern day.

Rembrandt, Gainsbough, Sandby – there are hundreds of classics in this collection, as well as tons of painters you might never have heard of.

In an urban hotspot like London, finding some quiet time to wander around well-kept grounds isn’t a likely prospect. So, amidst the black cabs and pearly kings, it’s heartening to head to Buckingham Palace’s galleries and feel the fresh green air breathing straight from the canvas.

The show is on until October 11th and it’s well worth a trip to the capital.

You can see why we’d be interested this gallery. It combines our two areas of expertise with an admirable level of panache.

We’ve always known that you don’t need grounds like the royal family to appreciate a lavishly cultivated garden. And now that the spring is rearing its head, the need for a perfect lawn is paramount.

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