Are your grounds fit for a spectacular company shindig?

Are your grounds fit for a spectacular company shindig?

Picture the scene – the sun is beating down on your grounds, flowers are in full bloom and you’re toasting another year of your company in the pink. Champagne and canopies flow with ease and conversation is about the long and illustrious future of your business.

But how successful will your garden party be if you’re grounds are as appealing as a rubbish tip?

Indeed, a decent garden means the difference between a successful PR venture and a boring bash.

Leaf through industry magazines and you’ll see grand galas, stunning shindigs and gargantuan gatherings. You’ll rarely see photos teeming with deflated balloons and depressed members of staff.

Any garden party on your premises should have the grandeur of a debutante’s ball and catering fit for a king.

The perfect budget

Naturally, this is in an ideal world. But even if you’re strapped for cash, you can still have well maintained grounds and an amazing shindig.

Here are a few ways to keep costs down:

  • Don’t shell out for a DJ: With a Spotify subscription and a decent sound system, you can have the soundtrack of a lifetime!
  • Make your own food: Catering doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Find someone in the office who can cook and challenge them to creating a culinary masterpiece.
  • Be cheap WITHOUT being stingy: Balloons, dining tables, banners and marquees don’t all have to be first-rate. With the right design aesthetic, your party can be low budget and still fantastic!

But if you want great grounds all year round, get in touch with us. We can offer you greenery that’ll be worth celebrating!

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