Legendary service

  1. Would you like your commercial environment to be happier and healthier? Or quieter?
  2. Do you want to hit your customers with a first impression that they’ll never forget?
  3. Or are you keen to create surroundings where your customers feel comfortable and relaxed?

These are the kind of questions that an Ambius Design consultant will ask you when you first meet. This way, when they view your site and take measurements, Ambius can recommend the plants, products and services that are right for you and your business.

We'll listen to your ideas and show you how we might go about making them a reality. Our experts will set about choosing the right displays for your own particular needs. Then Ambius will ensure that your installations are regularly maintained - so your plants will always look as good as the day you got them. Read more on our design process.

This is just the beginning. As with all our customers, Ambius will work hard to cultivate our relationship with you, so that it grows and blossoms. We don't just care about plants. We care about people, too. That's what we mean by Legendary Service.

We recognise that each Ambius customer has unique needs. We take that into consideration from the initial design, through installation to ongoing maintenance. When we are on a customer's premises, we focus all our attention on that customer, that project and serving that relationship. After installation comes the really important part, our commitment to you. Our service visits are tailored to your needs and it's what keeps Ambius ahead.

This is how we ensure that Ambius provides the highest possible value to our customers. Our premier position in the market is due to the loyalty and endorsements of our customers, who have made Ambius the largest indoor and office plants company in the world.

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