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Some people like to talk to plants to help them grow and thrive. We love to talk to our clients about how plants can help people grow and thrive in any environment, large or small. Get in touch to meet Ambius and talk about plants.

Whether it's to a class of college students, a small professional group or part of a larger conference, our experts will be happy to give presentations and lectures on any of the following subjects:

  1. The benefits of interior landscaping.
  2. Recent research entitled The Psychology of Office Space (in conjunction with the University of Exeter).
  3. Designing with plants.
  4. The practicalities of designing, installing and maintaining interior landscapes.
  5. Integrated pest management in interior landscapes.
  6. The role of interior landscaping in green buildings.
  7. The benefits and practical applications of ambient scenting.

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Email Kenneth Freeman at or call him now on +44 20 7064 6582. 


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