Why Use Our Maintenance Service?

Plant installations require regular maintenance, so our service will continue for the life of your contract. Our horticultural experts will return again and again, to water, clean, dust, prune, feed and keep your corporate plants healthy and lush.

If we don’t believe your interior, exterior or office plant will thrive, even with our specialised care, we will simply replace it with a new healthy alternative (dependent on contract type).

What are the benefits of a plant maintenance service?

High quality and consistency of style throughout, building your brand message

Plants live longer (overall costs reduced)

Plants remain disease-free

Soils reach highest regulatory standards

Safety, Health and Environment – our staff are trained on all aspects of SHE – they know how to water plants safely, how to replace plants and how to work safely around your employees and visitors

Plants replaced free of charge at the end of their life cycle (dependent on contract type)

Don't think our plant maintenance service is right for you? Take a look at the other interior, exterior and office plant service options that we offer. 

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Benefits of Plants

Benefits of plants

Plants do much more than just look great. What are the other benefits?

Complementary Washroom Range

Initial Signature COLOUR

Extend your container colour scheme beyond the office and into your washroom areas with our complementary Signature COLOUR washroom range

why use maintenance service

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