Scenting Champions

Our scenting champions have been specially trained to be the experts in everything business scent related giving you easy access to the finest scenting knowledge. They understand the importance of choosing a scent to help your brand engage with your customers.

With an understanding of your brand and the journey that you want your customers, visitors and colleagues to depart on, they will guide you to the perfect scent.

Meet the Champions!

Sarah Hockman

Area Covered: South East London

Sarah Hockman scenting champion

"My 29 years with Ambius has made me realise scent is the perfect memory trigger. You may walk into a bakery and the smell of fresh bread takes you back to a distant memory of your mother baking. For me Cotton Candy from our signature range reminds me of long summer holidays, memories I will never forget."

Luke Pilcher

Area Covered: London

Luke Pilcher scenting champion

"In the 11 years with Ambius I have found that Cucumber Mint is a very popular scent in London and other cities. The cucumber fragrance has been proven to make small spaces seem larger. This is great for many retailers in large busy cities such as London, where there isn’t so much space."

Sarbjeet Dhani

Area Covered: South East London

Dhani Scenting Champion

"There are so many wonderful fragrances and although I have been here for 20 years I still find it difficult to decide on my favourite. The blend of ceder and dune grass from our Marine scent is exotic and energising. If I had to pick one, that would be it."

Mick Fagan

Area Covered: South East

Stewart Smith scenting champion

"Walking into coffee shops is like heaven; as an avid coffee drinker I love the smell! For that reason I think it is safe to say my favourite scent would be Peppermint Latte followed closely by cinnamon. A coffee blended with a hint of Christmas, what could be better?"

Katrina Finch

Area Covered: North

Katrina Finch scenting champion

"There is so much more than just creating a visually appealing retail environment. When entering a room I think to myself "what is this lovely smell?". The powerful scent of Optimism is a good example because of its natural and floral hints. You wouldn't necessarily relate the aroma to anything, but that’s the beauty of scent it can be as unique as your brand."

Lynne Quine

Area Covered: North

Lynne Quine scenting champion

"I have been a proud member of the Ambius team for 4 years and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it. I didn’t realise how interesting the power of scenting could be until I became a scenting champion. I have come across so many fragrances; my favourite has to be Fresh Cotton, it just smells so good!"

Kathryn Seymour

Area Covered: North

Kathryn Seymour scenting champion

"As a graduate in my first year at Ambius I’ve found that there are surprises around every corner! I think this is why my favourite premium scent is Patchouli; the smell always surprises you with a new experience every time."


Jackie Cooper

Area Covered: Scotland and Northern Ireland

Jackie Cooper scenting champion

"When I walk into a room I like to see that it is clean and tidy. The same goes for my sense of smell; if a room looks tidy, but smells bad it sets off alarm bells. Pink Grapefruit has to be the best scent I’ve come across in my 20 years at Ambius; it is a nice fresh smell that I find uplifting".

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