Scenting Within Retail

Ambient scenting has been shown to make people stay longer in fragranced areas, and the longer they stay the more they are likely to purchase - A store’s ambient scent may influence a customer’s purchase decision

Why is Ambient Scenting important for your retail environment?

Discerning consumers respond to retail spaces that are both enjoyable and inviting. They rate the environment significantly more positive, exhibit higher levels of approach and impulse buying behaviours, and experience enhanced satisfaction when fragrance is added to the shopping experience.

Type of scenting we can offer:


Scent triggers to lure the customer inside or to highlight a special promotion.


A Warm Welcome:
We scent the entrance zone of your shop with a fragrance of your choice or a fragrance that responds to your customer profile.

A Warm Welcome Plus:
We will scent the entrance zone and the middle zone of your shop

A Memorable Signature:
We will create a warm welcome in the entire space. Your customers will be triggered by flows of scent everywhere in the shop.

Product or Zone Scenting:
For promotions or attracting your customers to a specific product or department in your shop.

How do we make this happen?

Depending on the type of scenting you have chosen the appliances will be installed in the most efficient way possible.

Together we define the installation. We look for a place where the Premium Scenting unit(s) can be hidden. A technical room is the perfect place to hide the unit as we can diffuse the scent through an opening in the wall.


Providing scenting in shops has no limits. We can install via the HVAC or the wall – integrated with design solutions or hidden behind a wall.

Image showing Ambius Microfresh product positioning References: Veritas

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