Scenting Within Fitness Centres & Gyms

Why is a good fragrance important for your sports centre?

Despite thorough cleaning the nature of fitness centres means that visitors will still experience the smell of body odours. Premium Scenting provides you with the solution to make your customers feel fresh and clean.

Subtle fragrances can be used to enhance the ambience of an environment, convey a mood and promote the right image. Ambient scenting is often used not only to mask odours (although it will do that too), but to enrich the sensory experience that we offer to your customers.

How do we make this happen?

Premium Scenting units are installed to suit your space. If you have chosen to install units on the wall, the exact installation point will be decided between you and your Ambius consultant.  Generally we look for a place where the Premium Scenting units can be hidden from view - a technical room is perfect to house the unit as we can diffuse the scent through a hole in the wall.


Fitness centre scenting has no limits. We can install via the HVAC or on a wall - integrated with design solutions or hidden behind a wall.  All public areas, including the entrance hall, the central areas and changing rooms are perfect places for Premium Scenting to diffuse its pleasant fragrances.

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