Acoustic Art Panels

Artwork that reduces noise

Does your business space become too noisy and suffer from echoes and sound reverberations? With the increasing trend for open plan designs and glass as a main manufacturing material, this is a common problem faced by many offices, meeting rooms, public buildings, hotels, restaurants and retail spaces.

It is caused by sound waves being reflected off of the walls and ceilings and bouncing them back into the room, causing echoes and reverberation. The noise levels can easily become worse as people compensate by raising their voices to be heard. Every day tasks such as speaking on the phone to clients or holding conference calls can be difficult with these sound problems.

Providing a well-balanced room with the correct acoustics levels allows your staff to work more efficiently. Your visitors will feel more at ease and relaxed in your space, and your employees will feel the same benefits. Our sound absorbing acoustic art panels offer a cost effective solution by combining highly effective acoustic performance with a beautiful piece of contemporary art.

How do they work?

The special fabric of the acoustic artwork panels allows sound waves to pass through the fabric rather than of bouncing off and back into the room. The sound waves are then absorbed by the inner panel core which reduces sound echoes and makes the space easier to communicate within. The special material can absorb as much as 95% of the sound hitting it compared with 3 - 5% that is typical of a bare wall. The material used for our acoustic collection is light-weight, recyclable and fire-resistant.

The images are available in a range of sizes and are finished with a narrow-profile aluminium frame. The images can also be tiled on to more than one acoustic panel to make an even bigger impact - imagine your favourite image on the wall in a giant 2.4 metre square.

Ambius Acoustic Art Installations

You can even suspend the pictures from the ceiling to create the most aesthetically pleasing sound baffles you can imagine - ideal for large, open spaces.

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