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Ambius to bring National Plants at Work Week to life at The Oxford Science Park

93% of attendees to the Ambius plant giveaway indicated they would prefer to work in a workspace which had plants

Yesterday, as part of National Plants at Work Week (NPWW) Ambius, the world’s largest interior landscaping company, gave away desk plants to workers at The Oxford Science Park (OSP). Over 200 office workers visited the Magdalen Centre at OSP to receive a free office plant to liven up their desk, as part of efforts by Ambius to help promote the benefits of having greenery in the workplace, which include increased attention spans and the lowering of physiological stress.

As well as receiving their free plants, workers also completed a short survey, analysis of which has revealed that:

  • Only 15% of the Oxfordshire office workers who came along to the event already have a plant on their desk
  • 93% said they would prefer to work somewhere with plants, rather than without
  • 47% did not realise that plants can help reduce stress levels by 50%
  • 57% recognised that plants can help people generate 15% more ideas 2

016 is the fourth annual eFig National Plants at Work Week (11-15 July 2016), an initiative that aims to raise the awareness of the benefits of plants in the working environment.

Kenneth Freeman, head of innovation at Ambius comments: “Initiatives like NPWW help educate on the positive benefits of indoor planting.Bringing plants into the workplace can pay huge dividends in terms of wellbeing, attention span and creativity. It can also make a massive difference to businesses and help to improve both employee job satisfaction and their productivity.”

More information on NPWW can be found at: You can also join the conversation on social media with @AmbiusUK and #plantsatworkweek.