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One of the most important things for any business is the safety of its colleagues and visitors and that they can arrive and leave work safely. Snow and ice aren’t the everyday hazards businesses have to cope with, but when it happens you need a company that you can rely on and take the stress away. This is where Ambius can help.

Ambius have been gritting and clearing snow for over 15 years, so we know what our customers’ expectations are and how to meet them, efficiently.

Ambius Gritting Services

What can our gritting service do for your business?

Our gritting team are highly trained and committed to ensuring your businesses car parks and access routes are clear and functional by the start of the working day.

  • We operate using a Met Office weather watch solution
  • We will visit your site if the Met Office reports show hazardous conditions approaching (typically below 0°C)
  • We will notify you that we will be visiting your site
  • Our gritters will visit overnight, so sites are ready for start of business
  • Weather watch customers can request a call out
  • Priority will always be to clear access routes
  • We offer a national service, ideal if your business has multiple sites/locations
  • Snow clearing also available to our gritting customers
  • We will give you a unique quotation, the Met Office reports, full breakdown of site visits and a 24 hour hotline number
  • We will only charge you per visit

Plan Ahead

Ambius Gritting Services

Ambius have a number of customers nationwide and each year we must plan rigorously to make sure we meet their needs and as we’ve learnt in the past few years, snow can fall in springtime as well, not just in the winter months. But you can help too, by planning ahead you can help us start our services efficiently and effectively, as we can organise the right manpower, equipment and vehicles.

Break The Ice

For a free gritting and snow clearing consultation and quote call us on 0808 231 9302 or contact us online

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Artificial Hanging Baskets

Image showing the Yucca and Geranium Hanging Baskets from Ambius

Vibrant hanging baskets all year round right outside your workspace

Floor Mats

Mats for winter

Prevent customers and colleague from slipping this winter with Initial floor mats.


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