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Why You Should Consider Your Own Rooftop Eden

You might be wondering why on earth you’d consider ruining your dull, dreary, grey rooftop with stunning greenery, setting you apart from a host of unattractive cityscape scenery… but just in case that did appeal to you, here are our top 5 reasons why rooftop gardens make for a beneficial addition to any building:

  1. It’s an aesthetic thing. Besides putting a smile on the faces of helicopter pilots everywhere, you’ll also be able to bask in its beauty with colleagues, customers and potential clients.
  2. Green roofs – as they’re commonly referred to are – well… green! Serving as an environmentally friendly alternative to your run-of-the-mill rooftop, they help to improve the general air quality as your urban garden captures all those airborne pollutants and atmospheric deposition.
  3. Then there’s the energy saving benefits. Roofs are often the greatest source of heat loss during the colder months and likewise the hottest during the summer, by going green on your roof you’ll increase the building’s insulation (and noise) levels.
  4. Not only will you benefit on the inside, your rooftop itself will be better protected from natural deterioration caused by ultraviolet radiation and the highly unpredictable Great British weather.
  5. Educate the young! If you’re in an educational sector then a rooftop garden is a great way to get the younger generation involved and teach them a thing or two about Mother Nature.

By now your (green) fingers should be itching at the prospect of building your very own garden in the sky, so get your gardening gloves on and get up there!

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