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Tips & Ideas For Starting An Urban Garden

If you are in need of a New Year pick-me-up, why not take another look at your outdoor space and turn it into your very own sanctuary? Plants have the ability to reduce stress and depression levels and, as a result of urban gardening, people actually become more physically and psychologically healthy. Even the simple act of planting a plant on a balcony or window sill is a great way to become an active urban gardener.

If you are interested in starting your own urban garden, don’t be afraid to get stuck in. Although growing plants require care and affection, luckily they only need three basic things: light, soil and water. The plants do not even need to be planted in the ground, most actually grow very well in a container. Here are six tips to get you started on your urban garden:

  • Sunlight is crucial: Make sure that you find a place where the plant has access to at least 6 to 8 hours of sunlight a day
  • Plants can be grown on the roof (with permission of course), in window boxes, on patios, as well as from balconies with hanging baskets
  • Soil depth is key: Shallow rooted plants require at least six inches of soil depth if they are less than one foot tall, whereas deeper rooted plants need at least one foot of soil depth.
  • Drainage is important to remember for potted plants as excess water needs to be able to escape, so make sure that your chosen pot has drainage holes
  • Soil content is vital: It is best to stick to a potting soil instead of soil from the ground because potting soil is lighter and drains excess water better
  • Remember to water your garden! It is important that you soak the entire container each time you water, but ensure that you do not over water and dump out any excess water in the saucer under the plant to prevent root rot

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