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The Great Chelsea Garden Challenge – The Winners

Are you a horticultural champ or a chump? That’s the question that’s been asked on BBC Two’s The Great Chelsea Garden Challenge all this month.

Sorting the floral wunderkinds from the weed-ridden wasters, a panel of green fingered experts have been watching amateurs as they try to plant their way to victory.

Following hot on the heels of the BBC’s other flagship competition show, The Great British Bake Off, Garden Challenge has been cosy viewing for anyone who loves to potter with hydrangeas.

Indeed, competition in gardening is nothing new. The Chelsea Garden Show regularly attracts thousands or customers through its doors, all flocking to spot the latest in topiary and potted plants.

It’s a competitive element that should be fostered more carefully by the gardening industry. After all – the higher the chance of success with a garden, the greater the level of passion that will be poured into it.

And it’s a strategy that you should apply to your grounds. Don’t only think of how you’d like your garden to look. Consider what your competition have and strive to top it.

Excellent grounds will give all your clients that wow factor as soon as they drive into your premises, and give them something ace to look at as they leave.

51-year-old nurse Sean Murray was declared the winner of The Great Chelsea Garden Challenge and we wish him all the best. But if you want a garden that’ll leave the competition eating your dust, give us a call.

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