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The Big Garden Birdwatch: Get Involved All Year Round

Some retreat to their garden for peace and quiet. Others, to lounge in the summer sun.

But some are outdoorsy types with a pair of binoculars and a long-lens camera – they’re birdwatchers, and they appreciate the sounds and visions of nature far more than we lazy sun-loungers.

And it’s more than a hobby for bird-identifying anoraks. The trend has grown so popular that bird protection charity RSPB has set up the Big Garden Birdwatch, taking place every January.

The concept is simple – participants spend an hour watching their garden, noting every bird that comes and goes. Then, they send their findings to the RSPB, allowing the charity to note how different wildlife is faring and how we can save these rapidly perishing environments.

It’s a soothing way to spend an hour, and it could help save the natural habitat around your business or home.

While the Big Garden Birdwatch has passed for another year, the chance to have a peek outside can be enjoyed all year round. Just imagine all the different gulls, robins and tits that flock to and from your well-kept garden every year. Some people even wander the woods to take in the birdsong without the hubbub of the city.

We’ve always been a fan of birdwatching. A bit of time out of the office and in your grounds is a great way to unwind and catch a glimpse of the private life of the birds.

If you want to put your binoculars to good use, be sure to follow RSPB’s birdwatchers’ code and make sure you’ve got the perfect grounds to enjoy that lilting song.

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