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Swap Your Chocolate for a Plant This Easter

This week, ahead of Easter weekend, the British public will be raiding the shops, buying Easter eggs or other chocolate gifts for their loved ones. Many chocoholics are guilty of indulging every now and then; however, every year thousands of Easter eggs are left unsold, with many ending up in the discount bins of supermarkets as soon as the Easter weekend is over. So why not give your friends and family a more enduring gift, by buying them a desktop plant for the office?

An office plant is an alternative but thoughtful gift to brighten up any working environment, and the benefits of such a gift should not be underestimated. Studies show that having plants around the office can increase productivity by up to 15 per cent. What’s more, given their stress reducing properties, plants could even improve performance across the business and help people generate more ideas in the workplace. Opting for an office plant is also a way to give someone a boost when they return to work after the bank holiday break. It’s an aesthetically pleasing present that can last throughout the year.

Not sure where to start when it comes to picking the right flower or plant? Below are some suggestions for plants that are guaranteed to cheer up office workers this Easter – without affecting their waistlines!

Guzmanias: These are colourful and easy-to-care-for plants which come in shades of red, pink, yellow and white. They are bright and colourful, and don’t require any direct sunlight, or excessive watering – perfect for smaller office spaces that don’t receive much daylight.




Anthuriums: This plant is a great alternative to the classics like roses or daffodils. Its flowers are heart shaped, and come in shades of crimson, pink, red or white. As well as being robust and easy to look after, modern varieties of these tropical pot plants flower profusely, making them a great choice to brighten any space.




Kentia Palm: They can survive for long periods of time and are more robust than many other varieties of plant. They also tolerate quite low levels of light, making them a good option for an office or home without much natural light.



Artificial Plants: Live plants are not always suitable for every environment or busy office workers. For example, office plants in large buildings without enough natural light may not always look their best. Replica maples, palms, bays and bamboo can keep a workplace looking lush and alive, without withering and dying.


If you want to go for a symbol of new life and rebirth, then daffodils are a classic for spring. A bunch of daffodils will add a pop of colour to any working environment and could be the perfect gift to start the Easter weekend with. Alternatively, a planted bowl of Narcissus ‘Tete-a-Tete’, delightful miniature daffodils, can provide great indoor colour now, and could then be planted outside once they have flowered for spring colour in future years.

If you’re looking for an alternative show of appreciation for your family, friends and employees know this Easter, why not try something a little outside the box and consider a plant for their workplace? It’ll last longer, and best of all, it’s calorie free!

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