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How Art Could Improve Your Business

Do you know your Dalis from your dunces, your Renoirs from your Wrongoirs and your Pollocks from your bo… well, you get the idea.

No one could ever claim to truly be art experts – the world of brush strokes and sculpting is too vast to know it all. Yet there are thousands of casual chin strokers who’ll wander around museums and consider themselves the second coming of Brian Sewell.

So, it’s lovely to poke fun at them every now and again.

And that’s exactly what Dutch YouTube pranksters lifehunterstv have done in an exhibition this week.

Buying a £10 painting from Ikea and setting it up in a modern art gallery, these jokers invited members of the art-viewing public to give their opinions – and the results are hilarious.

One man said the painting represented the “constructiveness of things on top of each other, inside each other”.

Another man, dressed in stereotypical beard and thick-rimmed glasses, claimed the painting, “clearly concerns a form of symbolism,” following this statement with claims that the artist has a “beautiful spirit.”

What a prank can teach your business

It’s easy to laugh at the naivety of some gallery-goers, but the prank does prove one important point – high quality paintings can stun viewers, no matter what price.

We’ve never been pretentious in our taste –but we do believe that art should be affordable and impressive.

So, if you’re not a Gaugin aficionado, don’t be dissuaded – we’ve got the right brushstrokes to make you look like a painterly pro.

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