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Pests Be Gone – Turf Them Out of Your Garden!

They peck at your perfect petunias, burrow beneath your bushes and slime all over your soil – they’re garden pests and it’s time to turf them out!

As spring creeps in, you’ll see a ton of pesky weevils and flora-munchers popping out of the woodwork.

With that in mind, the Royal Horticultural Society has been busy compiling a top 10 list of garden pests and how to get rid of them.

The top troublemakers were slugs and snails. Those slimy, oozing pests will work their way through your potato tubers, hosta leaves and narcissus flowers given half the chance.

But, unless you’ve got a greenhouse on your business grounds, slugs and snails aren’t likely to be a problem for you. What you really need to be on the lookout for are vexing vine weevils.

According to RHS, weevils will “attack indoor and outdoor plants” and, in the spring and summer, chow down on leaves like they’re attending an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Also on the list were ants, aphids, mice and voles and a whole host of other pesky critters – all with the ability to reduce your garden to a mangy mess.

However, not every insect is a pest – some can actively help your plants thrive with their life-giving nutrients and ability to fend off other, more troublesome insects.

The aphid midge, for instance, feeds on more than 60 types of aphid, paralysing them with their toxic saliva. Attract these to your garden and you won’t suffer an aphid overload again. They’re just one of many insects that could help your grounds look top-notch.

No matter what your problems, we’ve got the knowhow to give you a horticultural haven without prickly pests mucking up your hard work.

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