NPWW 2017

Proudly supporting ‘National Plants at Work Week’ with plant giveaways

This week the UK celebrates National Plants at Work Week, an initiative designed to help raise awareness of the benefits of having plants in the workplace. Research has demonstrated that plants can increase productivity by as much as 15%, as well as improving an employees’ sense of wellbeing in the workplace by up to 40%. These positive benefits in the workplace are especially important as the UK struggles through a national productivity slump. Recent statistics from the ONS reveal that British productivity currently sits 18% below the OECD average , 35% below the output o f Germany and 30% below the US.

NPWW 2017To celebrate National Plants at Work Week and to deliver some much needed greenery into offices across the country, here at Ambius we will be giving away desk plants to a number of lucky customers that our consultants and service colleagues visit this week. We will also host a pop-up event at a business park near Gatwick Airport where office workers will be carefully ‘matched’ with their perfect plant – depending on where their workspace is located (cool/warm/dark/light) and whether they need a plant that can survive on neglect or if they are good at remembering to water them. We will be inviting people to take and share ‘selfies’ with their new desk plant.

NPWW 2017Kenneth Freeman, Head of Innovation at Ambius says: “National Plants at Work Week is an important initiative to raise awareness among employers and employees, who may not realise how much plants can influence our happiness, and help us to work more effectively. This small change to the office environment can create large improvements to both employee job satisfaction and their productivity.”

More information on NPWW (an efig Ltd initiative) can be found at:

You can also join the conversation on social media with @AmbiusUK and #plantsatworkweek


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