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Naked Gardening Day: the spirit of horticulture?

We all love our gardens to be an uninhibited space. We amble, we prune and, with the gentle potting of plants, we suddenly feel free. But some people on this green earth let everything hang out while they water their hydrangeas.

To celebrate World Naked Gardening Day, a team of intrepid green enthusiasts got their kit off to raise awareness of Hulme’s community garden centre.

But why tend your garden as nature intended?

A freer form of gardening

“We decided to get into the spirit of naked gardening to let people know that the centre is here,” said centre manager Rachel Summerscales.

“We’ve already had 10,000 views of Dave’s bottom on Facebook. There have even been calls for us to do a calendar.

“It’s a global day that has been going for a few years. It’s all about feeling free in your garden and we thought it would be a funny thing to get involved in.

“It can be slightly hazardous when secateurs are involved and the extremes of temperature this week haven’t helped. We didn’t appreciate the hailstones on Tuesday! But we’ve really enjoyed doing the pictures.”

Aside from their quirky photos, the centre is at the heart of the area’s horticultural community. And in many ways their attitude sums up a small portion of what we provide.

We’re committed to bringing you fun and spirited grounds that can impress clients and give you a cleaner environment.

And while we promise not to potter around your grounds in the buff, we can promise an area that will leave you feeling freer.

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