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How to Protect Employees Who Suffer From Hay Fever

As winter finally makes way for spring, hay fever sufferers around the country get set for their yearly battle against nature.

With the pollen count certain to soar in the coming months, workplaces up and down the country will be punctuated with the sound of sneezing, coughing and frantic eye rubbing.

Indeed, according to experts, almost one in four Britons suffers from hay fever, which can make the summer feel like an ordeal rather than a time for soaking up the vitamin D.

But what does this have to do with your business?

While it’s understood plants help increase productivity in the office by providing a tranquil and relaxing environment, your gorgeous greenery can actually be contributing to your employees’ hay fever woes.

The solution? Artificial plants.

The Benefits of Artificial Plants

Rather than looking more out of place than Mr Bean in a bodybuilding contest, our artificial plants represent some of the best replica foliage on the market, and we promise you’ll be taken aback at how real they look and feel.

Aside from their hay-fever-sufferer-friendliness, these plants – available in maples, palms, bays and bamboo – are ideal for any area in your building that doesn’t let in enough natural light for real plants to thrive.

Additionally, they’re tough enough (without detracting from their prettiness) to stand up to the worst of the British weather, which means they’re perfect for sitting at your entranceway to welcome visitors into your premises.

For more information about the range of artificial plants we have on offer at Ambius – and to give your allergy prone colleagues a welcome bit of respite this sunny season – please get in touch with a member of the team today.

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