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Getting the hang of planted baskets

For businesses, especially pubs, hotels and restaurants, hanging baskets can help inject life
and colour into an outside space, ensuring your visitors are given a warm welcome even
before they walk through the door of your venue.

As we come to the end of August, you may have noticed your plants deteriorating due to the
drop-in temperature. And while the recent rainfall of late may lead you to believe that your
plants are fine, they will need special attention to ensure they’re looking their best for the
remainder of the summer season.

Lock in the moisture
The first rule of hanging baskets – keep the soil moist through regular watering. When plants
are well hydrated, they age slower. Hopefully you will have lined your hanging baskets with
polythene before you planted them up, as this is a simple and cost-effective way to retain
water. Just make sure you have poked some holes in the polythene so a little water can
escape, to ensure they don’t become water-logged. If they are then you can still make some
holes to stop this from happening.

If your baskets are feeling very dry then up your watering regime and, if possible, give them
a really good overnight soak (repeat weekly ideally) in a container/sink or basin of water.
You can then re-hang them in the morning.

Purple hanging baskets in outside seating area

Fresh food
You can always use fertiliser to promote stronger plants and healthier blooms – just make
sure you use a hanging-basket friendly option with relatively short release periods, so your
plants don’t become overwhelmed.

Trim and deadhead
Though not the most exciting task, it’s always important to trim away dead blooms. This
doesn’t just keep your baskets looking attractive, it also encourages long term flowering as
the plant will focus its energy into new growth. A great way to keep up the task without it
feeling like a chore is to combine pruning with watering.

Hanging basket in city centre

Rotate your baskets

If you have one basket that looks better than the others, it could be that one is getting more
sunlight or is in a more temperate location. If possible, swap your baskets around every few
weeks. You can also turn containers each week by 90 degrees, so that the same plants
aren’t being sheltered by a wall or are facing the prevailing weather.

Artificial options
If maintaining hanging baskets is too much to keep on top of, why not give artificial hanging
baskets a go? These are the perfect choice if you’re looking for something that doesn’t
require constant maintenance but will remain vibrant all year round. You’ll be amazed by
how real the replicas look.

All our commercial hanging baskets come pre-planted and act as the perfect exterior
addition for your business. So don’t hang about, why not explore the options available to you

variety of flowers used in baskets

succulents office desk plants
waiting area with reception orchid plants

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