Fazed by a fuschia

Green-Fingered Apathy

Fazed by a fuschia? Here’s the solution!

Your kids are glued to their Xboxes, bedazzled by Bejewelled and entranced by Adventure Time – and they’re not heading anywhere near the great outdoors. The same kids who could list all 150 Pokémon would struggle to identify a tulip. And their parents are largely the same.

In a recent study, nine out of 10 people aged 25 to 35 couldn’t recognise a geranium, while three out of four were fazed by a fuchsia.

Citing work pressures and the hurry scurry of daily life, most of the younger generation claim to simply not have the time to appreciate the great outdoors.

Indeed, with longer working hours and city living, pottering around in the garden can feel unnervingly relaxing for some. Yet when winding down begins to feel difficult for some people, gardens can release the pressure valve of life, if even for a few hours.

Green-fingered apathy

Ben Brocklesby, Director at Origin, said: “The study shows there is a lack of engagement between the younger generation and gardening, a gap in knowledge that is growing.

“From naming the common flowers to identifying basic gardening tools and processes, it’s important we don’t lose the connection and passion for our outdoor spaces.

“A lack of enjoyment or interest in maintaining a garden usually comes from people not knowing where to start.

“That’s why nurturing an interest in gardening and showing the rewards that outdoor space can bring is essential, even growing plants in small spaces, such as a window box, can be fun and productive.”

So how should we lift the green-fingered malaise and get people planting again?

For a start, local allotments could increase their visibility by holding open days and tutorial courses. But even local businesses can join the fray.

With well-maintained grounds, your work premises could provide inspiration to your employees and clients. More enthused plant-lovers could be surrounding themselves with geraniums by the start of the weekend.

So if you’re an employer hoping to kick start a new hobby for your members of your staff, grab the perfect grounds now!

Image source: http://www.diptera.info/forum/viewthread.php?thread_id=11263&pid=52738
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