Flooded road and fields

Drowning in worry: flooding in Britain’s gardens

They’ve broken the banks of poor puns in media headlines (see above) and ruined Christmas for swathes of the general public –and floods haven’t done horticulture much good, either.

Amidst claims of poor flood defences after budget cuts, Storm Desmond has reaped havoc on towns across the UK. Torrential downpours have seen people abandon their homes, while coastal towns have suffered strong winds and overtopping waves.

The damage has shut down motorways, delayed or cancelled scheduled trains and caused landslides on secluded country roads.

A right royal flooding

But it’s not only transport links which have taken a thrashing from the downpour – gardens across the British Isles have borne the brunt of the poor weather.

Some of the most prominent gardens in the countries have been virtually destroyed, including Prince Charles’s grounds at his home in Birkhall.

According to the Express, the garden at the royal’s 14-bedroom hunting lodge was washed away after a 14-year-long restoration project. The prince’s vast grounds are only the most high-profile case of green-fingered dismay at the stormy weather. Thousands of finely honed gardens and allotments have been carried off by uncontrollable waters.

Calm amongst the storms

A wellspring of more positive news has, however, been found during the budget cuts. In Swansea special gardens have been created to capture rainwater which would otherwise be wasted in urban drainage systems.

These “rain gardens” have been set up by the Swansea Vale Resource Centre, which supports people with disabilities.

No matter what positive spin the media can find, there’s no question that flood damage can be devastating to those who have lost their home and grounds.

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