Corbyn’s allotment

Do All Leaders Love Gardens?

Corbyn’s allotment

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past six months, you’ll know Jeremy Corbyn like he was an old acquaintance. His campaign to become leader of the Labour Party has become one of the major talking points of 2015, making him a household name in a seemingly unprecedented amount of time.

Corbynmania, as the press have insisted on calling it, has swept the nation, leading a previously disaffected group of lefties back into the political fold with a warm embrace.

And whether or not you like the idea of a man who resembles a fusty geography teacher leading the country, one undeniably charming characteristic does stand out about the political firebrand – his love of gardens.

Indeed, Corbyn has become famed for more than his political ideology. While we imagine that most politicians enjoy nothing more than a day at the country club, the new Labour leader can be found pottering around his allotment during his down time, mainly tending to his vegetables.

A feeling of control

It’s a hobby that makes sense for a man of his age, but it does beg one important question – what is it about gardens that breeds effective leaders?

Because Corbyn isn’t alone in being a leader who loves plant life. Over the centuries, a variety of leaders have enjoyed lounging amongst the soil, albeit usually in grander locations than Corbyn’s patch of dirt.

And it’s easy to see why. If you’ve got green fingers, you can control every aspect of your garden with zero fuss. You have to be precise and manage your time between varying elements of your land, but the finished article will be almost perfect. You’ll feel as though you’ve forged a perfectly functioning society.

We understand the unique appeal of creating stunning grounds – and we want to help you with our expertise. So no matter what side of the political spectrum you’re on, get in touch and enjoy perfect greenery around your business.

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