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Create A Mini Rainforest In Your Workplace…

Do you want the beauty and connection with nature only a plant can bring, but don’t have anywhere suitable to grow one? Then the new BiOrbAIR is for you – offering a fully automated terrarium that creates the perfect micro-climate for growing tropical plants, like your very own mini Rainforest.

biorbair-LHThis micro-climate replicates the natural conditions under a tropical forest canopy, enabling many species of plants, such as Orchids and ferns, to thrive as nature intended. And the best part is, natural daylight isn’t necessary as the LED lighting emits the perfect light output for encouraging natural growth and prevents plants bending towards a single light source.

To discourage stagnation and condensation within the unit, a fan recycles the air through a filter and a small amount of fresh air is regularly introduced. The humidity within the micro-climate is maintained with the use of a mister that generates ‘swirling’ water vapour if the humidity drops below the preset 75% Relative Humidity.

The acrylic of the sphere insulates nearly twice as well as glass and is 23% clearer, allowing 360 degree views of your mini rainforest!

If this sounds like something you’d like in your office or reception area, then get in touch with your local sales consultant to find out more.

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