Celebrate National Plants at Work Week

Celebrate National Plants at Work Week and WIN

Plants mean profit in your business, but not in the sharp-shooting sense of gaining new clients and schmoozing your way to an improved cash flow. A few office plants around your workplace can have a far subtler impact on your workplace’s productivity.

And those subtleties are exactly what’s being celebrated during National Plants at Work Week (NPWW).

Taking place from 13th to 17th July, NPWW is the perfect time to create a greener office – and, if your strategy works, it won’t be the only green you’re rolling in.

Just look around your office. Is it a stifling stuffy mass of sweaty cotton shirts and clammy palmed typists? Then chances are, especially at the height of summer, you’re not getting much work done.

But when productivity is ebbing, plants can help – they’ve been shown to reduce stress by up to 50 per cent. Moreover, plants photosynthesise, meaning they’ll “breathe in” carbon dioxide and “breathe out” oxygen, giving you a fresher office.

Your office doesn’t have to become a veritable greenhouse to participate in the week. All you really need is a few cracking plants to cover your desk.

A cracking competition

To help get you started, we’re asking you to send us a picture of your drab, dull office space – and the best entrant will receive a free plant to start their design overhaul in style.

Above you can see our contribution to the competition. Now there’s a desk that’s drabber than a PowerPoint presentation on bus timetables. Do you think you can do better?

Hit our social media pages to find out more about this floral opportunity and be sure to make the most of your National Plants at Work Week – it only comes around once a year.

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