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Biophilia: Improving health by bringing plants to the concrete jungle

London… Sydney… New York… what do all of these cities have in common? They are all within the top 10 most successful cities for business life! Made from billions of tons of concrete, stone and metal these spectacular cities are real life urban jungles.

It is obvious that working in these cities will benefit you in a number of ways; especially your career and financially.

Unfortunately, with every pro there is likely to be a con and this is no exception. Increased crime, noise and more crowded streets than outside urban areas mean cities and stress go hand in hand.

Having been linked to triggering mental disorders; it is important we all do our best to try and relieve stress in any way that we can.

How can plants help?Office Plant facts

Every day millions of people leave for work, likely to be sat at a desk for 8+ hours with as little as a glance of nature beauty. So, how does this relate to stress I hear you say?

Our mind needs nature, as humans we have a firm connection with trees, plants and flowers just like the rest of the animal kingdom. This love of nature is called biophilia.

Due to this connection, greenery makes us feel at ease with our surroundings; which lowers our stress levels.

Plants can also help to reduce noise levels if placed in the correct positions. With noise in cities causing stress; ensuring that your 8+ hours in the office is stress free as possible is a must!

Working in an office with plants can also improve air quality which can lead to better decision making. I think we all know from experience that bad decisions can lead to stress!

Unfortunately we will never be able to totally take stress away from cities; that is just the nature of busy city life. we all owe it to ourselves to ensure that we use the benefits of plants to make sure we reduce stress and keep healthy.

Feeling the need to get an office plant but don’t know what to get? Read about the best desk plants here!

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