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Better than Versailles? RHS unveil new garden plans

Has there ever been a better garden than Versailles?

Seemingly endless acres of land covered in gardens of every size, pattern and configuration imaginable. In one, a magical fountain display, in another, delicately crafted statues.

Versailles was created by some of the richest people in the world – and its opulence is second-to-none, even to this day.

But it looks like Britain’s Royal Horticulture Society (RHS) are trying to give dear old Blighty a garden to match the intricate detail of Versailles.
According to, plans have been unveiled by the RHS to resurrect some lost stately homes in Salford – and it’s a project with a price tag of £100 million.

If the garden is fully restored, the investment is likely to become a major tourist attraction, with an estimated one million visitors flooding through its doors every year.

Beautiful landscapes

Speaking to, RHS director general Sue Biggs said, “We always thought it would take us a long time to find the ideal site for our fifth garden, but with its beautiful landscapes, good public transport links and outstanding location, Worsley New Hall was an opportunity we couldn’t miss.

“Thanks to the support of Salford City Council and Peel Land and Property, they have enabled us to create this new garden, which will bring beauty, knowledge, social cohesion, health and wellbeing, employment and enjoyment to millions more people within Salford, Greater Manchester and the surrounding regions.

“We know that with the growth in visits to RHS gardens and our increased engagement with people wanting to garden and grow plants, the time is right to embark on this exciting ambition to create what we believe will become one of the UK’s greatest gardens.”

Boosts to your business

It’s an example of just how successful shelling out for a great garden can improve your surrounding area. And it’s something businesses should keep in mind.

Well-designed grounds capture the eye and impress visitors. Just imagine a client wandering through your grounds as you discuss your latest deal – perfection.

But you won’t need £100 million to do business with us. We ensure our grounds maintenance and interior landscaping projects are fairly priced and able to suit your budget.

We can’t wait to see what the RHS has up their sleeve with this latest project – especially if it’s a Versailles beater!

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