Art down the sofa? It could make you millions!

Art Down The Sofa? It Could Make You Millions!

Have you ever dreamed of finding a forgotten Michelangelo painting in your attic, or uncovering a long-lost Rembrandt in some musty old flea market? You’re not alone.

We’re a nation of Del Boys, hoping to make our millions after happening upon a masterpiece. And every now and again, this dream comes true for one lucky person.

In 2012, for instance, couple Jane Cordery and James Ravenscroft were clearing out their mother’s attic when they happened upon a small, intricate painting of an owl. After a lot of speculation, they found out the painting was by pre-Raphaelite artist William James Webbe. It went on to sell for £589,250, after being valued at £70,000.

Although rare, their experience isn’t a one-off. Every few years some forgotten classic is unearthed in the strangest of places.

A Little bit of art

The weirdest of these stories occurred when art historian Gergely Barki spotted a long-thought lost painting in the background of the children’s movie Stuart Little, where it was being used as a seemingly innocuous prop.

The Sleeping Lady with Black Vase by Róbert Berény was thought to have been lost since the 1920s, until Barki spotted it while watching kid’s films over Christmas.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Bereny’s long-lost masterpiece on the wall behind Hugh Laurie. I nearly dropped Lola from my lap,” said Barki, speaking to the Guardian. “A researcher can never take his eyes off the job, even when watching Christmas movies at home.”

These seemingly unlikely stories pop up with a surprising frequency, and they show how people love nothing more than a sense of mystery in their paintings. But they’re not the only hidden gems in the art world.

Our hidden gems

Our corporate art collection is full of life, so much so that they’ll never be consigned to a dusty attic or sold at the flea market.
Where business is concerned, works of art will add some much needed pizzazz to your workplace, wowing clients and inspiring employees.

You don’t have to hang a forgotten classic in your office – a few pieces from our collection can give it the look of a masterpiece.

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