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A Simple Selfie – Can It Be A Work Of Art?

Your endless selfies, tantalising tweets and Instagram addiction might seem like nothing more than a frivolous pastime – but in some people’s eyes they’re a bona fide work of art.

The Guardian’s art columnist Jonathan Jones recently wrote a blog on Kim Kardashian’s notorious pregnant selfie, claiming it “harks back to the liberating portrayals of ample women in Renaissance and baroque art”. He compared her simple selfie in a bathroom mirror to the female models you’d find in a Titian painting.

Since when did a quick snap on Instagram become so highbrow?

In their ubiquity, the likes of Instagram and Twitter have enjoyed a cultural currency that would have been unthinkable only a few years ago.

Now that camera phones have turned everyone into an amateur photographer, the art world has embraced the masses. The Public Art Fund in the US, for instance, has been staging “Instameets” in local parks in Brooklyn, persuading visitors to photograph certain objects in their own inimitable way.

The reason? To tap into audiences that might not be interested in the art world.

Add to this a proliferation of hashtags from cultural sites like the Guggenheim, and it’s easy to see that galleries are trying to reach out to the public.

The Guggenheim in your office

Your business probably isn’t in the art game, but it almost certainly uses social media. And if experiments from galleries have shown us one thing, it’s that social media users are thirsting for some culture in their lives.

As new media matures, cultured users are engaging with it more and more. So why not capitalise on their enthusiasm?

Associate your business with classy corporate art and fancy design. You don’t have to make the Guggenheim jealous, but great style can go a long way when it’s shared on social networks.

So why not go highbrow with some great art and share it on Twitter? Your customers will be wowed by the effort!

Art down the sofa? It could make you millions!
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