A Class Act: The School with Gardens on it’s Mind

You remember school – that dull looking building you had to attend when you were younger, filled with tedious maths lessons, yawn-worthy hours of English and sleep-inducing science classes.

Well, one school in Harwood is aiming to transform dull-as-ditch-water classes into horticultural wonders – all thanks to a spot of gardening.

An innovative project at Bolton St Catherine’s Academy has seen young students, with the help of gardener Claire Drury, turn their school grounds into an “edible campus”. Pupils have already been plotting what they want to see in their gardens, with plants including fruit teas, herb gardens and vegetable plots popping up around the grounds.

Speaking to local newspaper the Bolton News, Drury said, “There are lots of benefits for children taking part in projects like this.

“It promotes health which leads to improved learning outcomes, it improves the environment. There is a correlation between green spaces and positive mental health.”

More than this, these effective garden spaces are teaching kids about much more than planting seeds – they can show them the wonders of botany, biology, mathematics, and tie into the transcendental magic of plants found in Romantic poetry, giving English lessons the chance to step outdoors away from fusty classrooms.

The canny business should be taking this enterprising school’s example on board.

Plants, be they in or outside your office, have been shown to improve the happiness ratings in a workplace. Partly thanks to cleaner air levels and a brighter office, plants have been giving a helping hand to businesses everywhere.

So, what’s the lesson for this week? Plants aren’t just child’s play – they could make your business more productive. So have a look at our selection for a cheerier office. Class dismissed!

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