The tiny gardens of Seattle


The Tiny Gardens of Seattle

You might think the ideal garden should stretch over hundreds of acres, feature mammoth water fountains and bloat with blooming plants of every size, shape and colour.

But, as Seattle-based horticulturist Janit Calvio has proven, a garden need only be an inch-wide to teem with beauty.

Since 2000, Calvio has been crafting miniature versions of real gardens with tiny deckchairs, minuscule water features and thimble-sized foliage.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Calvio said, “I created my first miniature garden in 2000 when we were collecting images for a greeting card line.

I was looking for a juicier business idea at the same time and it was right in front of me.

A miniature garden can be a memory of your grandmother's backyard or your dream garden that may be impossible to do in full-size.

It doesn't have to be elaborate, just a simple living plant with a miniature chair and a wee birdbath can deliver a special message of peacefulness and creativity.”

The prolific craftswoman has made over 3,000 of these tiny gardens and shows no signs of slowing – and she should act as the perfect inspiration for your business.

No matter how large or small your grounds are, a landscaper with the right imagination can create wonders with it. From the initial design onwards, we are committed to giving you well-maintained and impressive looking gardens to suit any client’s needs.

So the next time you see an inch of space – just imagine the wonders you could make.


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