The awesome power of smell on our memories


The Awesome Power of Smell

Have you ever wandered into a new place – be it a coffee shop, a warehouse or a new home – caught a whiff of the air and been transported to a time and place in the past, somewhere you hadn’t thought about for years?

It’s happened to us all, and with good reason – smell is the most important sense in relation to memory, with some experts even claiming that familiar scents can aid victims of Alzheimer’s.

So important is it that it even directly influences the way we perceive the taste of food.

Steve Pearce, who runs company Omega Ingredients, said in an interview with the BBC, "The sense of smell is by far the most powerful of all our senses – our most underrated sense.

"It's the direct extension of the brain. Its direct contact means we get a very quick, very intensive reaction to odours.”

Indeed, the connection between scent and the mind is so strong that you’d be hard-pressed to find a better way to stimulate your customers. While most advertisers have sight and sound nailed to pique a customer’s attention, few realise the potential that unleashing a powerful smell can have on someone.

Don’t leave your business in the lurch with a poorly scented shop or workplace. Instead, have a sniff around our site to find out how the smell of your business could give you an edge over your competition.


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