Sending the right message with flowers in your office


Flowers In Your Office

You all know the benefits that a few simple plants could have in your office. But, what you probably didn’t know is that the type of plant you pick could say a lot about your workplace.

Back in the Victorian era, flower arranging was used as a clever little code for courting couples to communicate with each other, in a practice known as floriography. In the strict confines of Victorian society, a good bit of floriography allowed people to tell each other things that were deemed indecent in polite society.

Even today, in cultures all across the world, flowers are still used as codes and symbols, encompassing joy, mourning and everything in between.

So, what type of flowers should you get to say the right thing about your office?


A flowering Chinese shrub with vivid colours, azaleas are a great way to give your office an exotic feel, implying a broad understanding of other cultures.

In its traditional Asian setting, azaleas are intended as symbols of womanhood. However, due to their toxicity, these plants were also once used as death threats if you received them in a black vase.

So, although beautiful looking, it may not be a great idea to send these toxic shrubs as gifts to clients!


The narcissus, more commonly referred to as a daffodil, feels very much like the archetypal British flower – hardy, unassuming and resilient, these flowers have managed to forge a prominent place within British culture for centuries.

Whether it’s as the focal point in William Wordsworth’s famous poem I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud, or in its place as the national flower of Wales, the humble daffodil is the perfect piece of flora if you’re looking to show a sense of national pride.


Tall, proud pieces of plant life, the sunflower has most recently been appropriated as the environmentally friendly flower of choice, as well as the symbol for the vegan society. It was also once used in the aesthetic movement of the 19th century, with famed writer Oscar Wilde known to pin one to his shirt as a mark of beauty for beauty’s sake.

So, if you’re after a sense of elegance and an environmentally friendly air, the sunflower is your best bet.

Really, this is just the tip of the flower garden in terms of flowers you can choose to brighten up your office.

No matter what plant you choose, we’d recommend you have a chat with us for a selection of flora that will send out the right message to your clients.


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